QUP Retrievable Bridge Plugs

Quinn Ultimate Packers

Close-up of two sections of the QUP Retrievable Bridge Plug
Our Retrievable Plugs are designed to be set or pulled (with a GS pulling-tool) using e-line, slickline or coil. They provide the same level of well closure as a conventional plug.

This patented system allows for wells to be sealed and re-opened at a fraction of the cost by using slickline to pull them! Our plugs can be set on a slickline using our own Non-Explosive Setting System (NESS). This means they can be fully deployed without a blasting tech! They can also be set on deviated or horizontal wells using a roller-system along with Coil Tubing.

  • Conventional bridge plugs are very labour-intensive and costly to remove. Save time and money by going with Avalon's Retrievable Bridge Plugs.
  • The QUP has a wide range of applications including Plug, Straddle, Hanger, AR-Lift and Choke.
  • Every QUP is built to the very highest standards, and all conform to NACE MR0175 specifications.

Primary Applications

Plug / Straddle / Hanger / AR-Lift / Choke

QUP Plug
  • Well bore isolation as a mechanical barrier for pressure control.
  • Pressure control for snubbing operations or wellhead changeovers.
  • Sour gas or CO2 zone supression.
  • Offshore collision control
QUP Straddle
  • Zone isolation for water / CO2 / H2S shut off using straddle equipment and the large thru-bore of the QUP to maintain production.
QUP Hanger
  • Suspend P/T guages in smooth bore tubing (i.e. hydril pipe).
  • Hanger system for artificial lift systems (velocity string), systems for improving lift capacity below the production packer.
QUP Choke
  • Bottom sub can be equipped with an orifice choke, check valve or pump open bottom sub.


There's a QUP for every job

Four different sizes of QUP Retrievable Bridge Plugs
Nominal Tubing Size ★2-3/8"2-7/8"3-1/2"4-1/2"
Maximum O.D.1.75"2.22"2.72"3.75"
Setting Range (min.)1.75"2.22"2.72"3.75"
Setting Force (lbs.)8,0008,0008,00022,000
Maximum Working
Pressure (PSI)
EnvironmentStandard or H2S
★ Our standard sizes are listed above, however we can manufacture to suit any size requirement.
Key Features
  • Multiple setting options: slickline, e-line or coil.
  • Patented release mechanism and patent-pending slip-lock design
  • Equalizing assembly options: Prong EQ type, Kobes knockout type (with sand control system) or pump open sub
  • All QUPs are built to NACE MR0175 specifications.
  • Optional elements for sour-service and high temperatures include: proprietary HSN (Highly Saturated Nitrile), Viton, and Aflas.
  • Proprietary TRIPLEX elastomer design seals against even highly corrodd tubing walls.
  • Maximized thru-bore for maximum production in straddle systems and guage hanger applications.