NESS - Non-Explosive Setting System

Close-up of NESS tool with cell phone screen displaying the NESS Programmer App
Our proprietary, self-contained non-explosive setting system uses hydraulic fluid and is capable of generating 13,000 psi of continuous hydraulic pressure. It’s lightweight, simple, and incredibly inexpensive to operate.

The NESS requires minimal redress, and can be used for multiple runs with minimal down-time. Run in tandem with a modified multi-stage setting tool, the NESS is unaffected by wellbore pressure. The hydraulic pump is capable of generating maximum peak pressure of 15,000 psi.

  • Can be deployed using slickline or E-line.
  • Designed and built to withstand downhole temperatures up to 400°F.
  • Tool can be quickly and easily programmed via Bluetooth using our mobile app.

Primary Applications

Plugs / Packers / Perforators / Straddles

  • Off-shore fields requiring heli-deployed non-explosive settings tools.
Deployment in High-Risk Areas
  • High-risk areas where transporting explosives is prohibited, restricted, or unwise.
Multiple Runs
  • Operations where multiple well completions require several runs per day.
Urgent Jobs
  • Time-sensitive jobs that can`t depend on the logistic deployment of explosives, or the availability of a blasting tech.


Custom solutions available

Standard NESS Specifications
  • Length 4 metres or 158 inches
  • O.D. 44.45mm or 1.75 inches
  • Maximum peak pressure: 15,000 PSI
  • Continuous pressure: 13,000 PSI
  • Reservoir capacity: 1000 ml (60 cubic inches) - custom reservoir available
  • Programmable via Bluetooth using our mobile app (Apple or Android)
  • E-line or slickline ready
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