PMBP - Permanent Miniature Bridge Plug

close-up of permanent miniature bridge plug
The Avalon PMBP is an electric line or slickline deployed bridge plug designed to set in coil tubing, drill string or other small bore conditions.

Our PMBPs are specially designed to mechanically convert external pressure into additional sealing force (using metal grippers). They can all withstand differential pressures of up to 7,500 PSI at 350°F with HSN elements. Other element options available upon request (Viton, Aflas).

  • The small O.D. of the bridge plugs allow them to be run in tubing with size restrictions like coiled tubing, and still form a fluid tight seal against the tubing wall.
  • Available in five sizes, the PMBP system is the ideal choice for pressure control in the 3/4” (19.05mm) to 1.75” (44mm) setting range.
  • All of our miniature bridge plugs have a pump-through check-valve option.

Primary Applications

Pressure Control / Barrier / Retrieval / Cleanout

Pressure Control
  • Pressure control for snubbing operations.
  • A mechanical barrier to replace failed downhole equipment.
  • Coil Tubing retrieval (as a mechanical barrier).
  • Coil Tubing cleanout using it's pump-through feature for nitrogen purges.
Application Notes
  • PMBP plugs should be selected according to actual tubing/pipe I.D.
  • Consider the actual I.D. vs the drift of coil tubing when ordering.
  • Due to the varied nature of coil tubing I.D. and weld condition, double barrier (two plugs) is always recommended.
  • For high pressure, high temperature or critical sour operations, miniature cement bailer systems are available.
  • Jobs requiring 3/4" PMBP and toolstring require special considerations and are specified on a per job basis. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


4 Standard Sizes with custom sizes available.

Four different sizes of permanent miniature bridge plugs
Plug SizeSetting Range Min O.D. (")Wireline Setting Tool (")Setting Sleeve (")
Setting Force = 6000 lbs (all sizes)
Differential Pressure = 7500 psi (all sizes)
HSN & Viton elements available