Research & Development

close-up of outside micrometer
With an internal portfolio of over 25 patents for various products and technical systems, we've proven that we enjoy research. Our primary field of focus has been the development of downhole oil tools, but also extends to heavy-oil extraction methods.

Avalon's R&D Division is working constantly on the refinement of existing products and the development of new products and processes. This helps us maintain a competitive advantage in the industry, while also providing clients the maximum return on their investment when utilizing our products.

Development projects are evaluated via a specific list of criteria, which includes:
  • Potential financial gain or savings for our clients.
  • Potential for decreased risk to operations.
  • Potential improvement in data-gathering capabilities.
  • Estimated time to market and market valuations.
If you have an idea or a project, please call us on

+1 780 539 3445